My Story

The purpose of Finding Europe:

  1. Give a space for travel stories and experiences
  2. Document my life
  3. Provide info for (generally young) people to go abroad


I’m Mike. I’m from Pennsylvania in the U.S. I graduated from Temple University in 2014 with little idea of the next step. I served two years in AmeriCorps (a U.S government program dedicated to eliminating poverty) working in a school in North Philadelphia and then managing a group of fifty volunteers at Millersville University.

Two years passed and I still dreamed of an advanced degree. If you majored in a social science degree, then you know: there are few jobs for political science undergraduates. Typically, my comrades applied for advanced degrees, joined the military, or entered the workforce. I’d say half the students that entered the workforce stayed in a field related to politics. The rest forgot the four-year degree they just earned.

After lessening my undergraduate debt, I chose an alternate path that granted me the opportunity to get a Master’s degree. The price of a Master’s degree in the U.S for social science degrees is astronomical. I decided to apply to foreign universities because I believe studying in the region I cared about gave me knowledge a library couldn’t provide. I received a full scholarship to the University of Tartu in Estonia for a degree in International Relations and Russian/Eurasian Studies.